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Mapping the user journey

User journey mapping is a great technique for understanding the customer experience of events. We organised workshops with people undertaking one of the four life events through intermediaries, such as universities, parenting support services, and community groups. We introduced ourselves, explained to participants we would like them to map their experience, handed over butchers’ paper, pens and a few stickers and left them to it. Continue reading Mapping the user journey

User testing — an optimal experience

Third and final usability testing of has been completed with the team celebrating successful results, in particular around user centred content. We’ve already fixed a number of issues raised and working on a few more – aiming for continual improvement of our user experience. Continue reading User testing — an optimal experience

It’s not just users that we’re listening to

Thursday 27 February saw the first meeting of the peer advisory group. This group has been set up to discuss how we can improve the site and what type of future operating model we should develop. Continue reading It’s not just users that we’re listening to

The Beta User Experience

Get Involved, We Need Your Input Here’s your chance to get a sneak peek at the designs for the beta site. If you’ve got 5 to 10 minutes to spare, take a look at the preview and tell us what you think. Your feedback will help us improve the beta site. When the beta goes live, it won’t be … Continue reading The Beta User Experience

A/B/C/D/Evolving the homepage design

When launched in July this year we’d already completed several rounds of user research. The design of the site and the layout of the homepage had changed a lot since we launched the first beta version the previous year. After several months, we started to see some interesting patterns in our website analytics. From this data it looks like there’s a group of users we’re not helping. We decided to run some A/B tests. Continue reading A/B/C/D/Evolving the homepage design