Archives: September 2012

How I Became an Open Data Convert

When I talk to my family and friends about open data…well, I soon stop. Their glazed look tells me I might as well save my breath. Just a couple of years ago I had no idea what open data was myself, then one day the penny dropped and I haven’t looked back. Luckily, there are lots of other enthusiasts out … Continue reading How I Became an Open Data Convert

Web Procurement Just Got Easier

We’ve all been there. You need to hire someone to do a web job. Maybe you need a front-end developer or a visual designer. Maybe you need an accessibility consultant. But the amount of work you need to do just to get them on board is overwhelming. Sometimes it seems just too hard. Not anymore. Saving Time and Money There’s … Continue reading Web Procurement Just Got Easier

Delivering What People Want

Sometimes it feels like the world is very small. Let me explain. At the Department of Internal Affairs we’re preparing to redevelop As part of our initial research we have been talking with other governments—the bits that run their national portals and digital services. We’ve found that the issues we face are global. We are all dealing with having … Continue reading Delivering What People Want

Online Engagement Service: What does your agency need?

There is currently no single comprehensive online consultation and engagement service available to the New Zealand Government. As a result, agencies are duplicating investment in online engagement and tool selection and have disproportionate access to online engagement expertise. Does your agency use or want to use online engagement tools for stakeholder engagement (e.g. consultation, feedback, gathering ideas and innovations)? You … Continue reading Online Engagement Service: What does your agency need?

Responsive Web Design: A Case Study

Have you looked at your site recently using a mobile phone, tablet or netbook? Is it all a bit ugly, hard to read, or just completely broken? If your site has been around for any length of time it was probably designed for a screen size of 1024×768 pixels, or even something a bit bigger. Maybe it looks “OK” on … Continue reading Responsive Web Design: A Case Study

Why the Web Toolkit?

There’s a lot of change in the government space lately, and expectations about the quality and effectiveness of our online delivery are rising. We’ve all been challenged to deliver better services for less cost. In order to accomplish this, government agencies need to change. For starters, we need to share information more freely with each other and collaborate across the … Continue reading Why the Web Toolkit?