Archives: December 2012

Result 10 – What’s It All About?

Better Public Services Result 10 is all about improving the interaction of government with everyday people. I’m pretty excited by all this, not just because I’m leading Result 10 and its associated programme of change, but because I’m an everyday New Zealander (and we’re taking a broad, and I mean broad, view on what constitutes being a ‘New Zealander’. If you’re anywhere on the planet and eligible for a service from the NZ government, then we ought to be thinking of you). It’s definitely something worthwhile getting excited about. Continue reading Result 10 – What’s It All About?

Disability Consumers Forum: What We Learned

It’s one thing to be sitting at work trying to get your website to comply with a pile of standards and best practices. It’s another to be standing in front of a group of people who can’t access your content because your website doesn’t comply with those standards and practices. Meeting the Web Standards never seemed more important than when we recently spoke with the Disability Consumers Consortium. Continue reading Disability Consumers Forum: What We Learned