Upcoming combined workshop on Web Consolidation and Domain Integrity

Result 10 Web Consolidation Strategic Assessment

Government web consolidation is listed as an action in the ICT Strategy and Action Plan to 2017 as well as the Result 10 Blueprint. In May 2014, the Result 10 Digital Services Council (DSC) asked the Result 10 team to do a web consolidation strategic assessment. This strategic assessment is now underway, and it will be delivered to the DSC in mid-December. Principal Advisor (DIA) Jared Gulian will give an overview of the approach that’s being taken, progress to date and next steps. For the latest update, take a look at Jared’s blog post.

Domain Integrity — Getting Started

A suite of new guidance was published on the Web Toolkit last July to help agencies develop a shared understanding of good practice online for managing security and protecting users’ privacy on the web, and to meet the principles of information and data management required of government agencies. There are also tips and techniques as well as strategic approaches to managing the online channel. Senior Advisor Digital Engagement (DIA) Rowan Smith will provide an overview of the expanded guidance and where you might start with it.

Date and time: 27 November from 2–3pm

Venue: Poutama Ruma at the Archives New Zealand building at 10 Mulgrave Street in Wellington.

Send RSVPs to online@dia.govt.nz.

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