Identity Conference 2015 – Enabling Digital Identity and Privacy in a Connected World

The Identity Conference is returning!

The Department of Internal Affairs is co-organising this valuable event in partnership with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and Victoria University of Wellington. The two-day conference — the third in New Zealand — is scheduled right after Privacy Week in May 2015.

What’s this all about then?

This international event will focus on sharing leadership and practical experience around digital identity and privacy: the theme is Enabling Digital Identity and Privacy in a Connected World.

Much has changed since the last conference in 2012 and we all recognise that digital identity and privacy are critical areas for data-driven innovation. How then can we get the most benefit while minimising risks in our increasingly digitally way of living?

The conference will feature renowned speakers discussing the challenges and opportunities of enabling digital identity and privacy in a connected world. On the Privacy Commission blog, they’ve got a run down on the speakers and a bunch of relevant videos.

Everybody’s talking about…

Debates will explore digital identity and related topics including how:

  • we can reap the benefits while minimising the risks of ‘datafication’ and data-driven innovation in the public, private and community sectors
  • our concepts of identity and privacy have changed in the era of big data
  • we can protect fundamental values, such as privacy and safety, in an increasingly complex environment
  • we can implement best practices of privacy — and security-by-design
  • we can create user-centric forms of managing identity across multiple digitally-enabled relationships
  • service providers can build and develop privacy-friendly, secure, trusted, transparent and inclusive digital relationships with their customers
  • we can protect our identity information against current and future cyber security threats in a resilient way.

Who’s this conference for?

People from government, business, community service providers and academia are coming together to share knowledge and experience in order to widen perspectives. The conference will be particularly of interest to anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge and understanding of leadership, practical experience, opportunities and challenges around using digital identity and privacy as enablers in an increasingly connected world

Sign me up now!

Earlybird registration is now open and available until 23 March 2015. Book your place now and we’ll see you there to have these important conversations.

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