Archives: March 2015

Common Web Platform: making code sharing better

This post discusses the work the Internal Affairs is undertaking to improve code sharing on the Common Web Platform. This includes guidance prepared by the Community Manager at SilverStripe in response to issues raised at a better code sharing workshop late last year. Continue reading Common Web Platform: making code sharing better

Mapping the user journey

User journey mapping is a great technique for understanding the customer experience of events. We organised workshops with people undertaking one of the four life events through intermediaries, such as universities, parenting support services, and community groups. We introduced ourselves, explained to participants we would like them to map their experience, handed over butchers’ paper, pens and a few stickers and left them to it. Continue reading Mapping the user journey

Our customer research

In 2013 we kicked off a research project with two main streams that ran parallel to each other. The first was a qualitative study to better understand four life events: beginning tertiary study, becoming a parent, retiring or immigrating to New Zealand. The second was a quantitative study of 1,500 New Zealand residents asking questions such as how many services respondents used per year, their experience of pain points and behavioural and attitudinal questions for a segmentation. Continue reading Our customer research

Do you need an app for that?

Thinking about building an app for your agency? This blog post gives you some ideas on how to decide what your users need, what questions to answer and how other countries are tackling this issue. Continue reading Do you need an app for that?