GWC lunchtime session: Analysing Web Analytics

At DIA, we’re seeing a consistent demand across government for increased web analytics capability. We’re also finding that analytics capability varies, sites are often not tracking the “right” data, and reports are usually manually processed, if they’re processed at all.

So over the last few months, the Digital Engagement Team has been exploring ways to make reporting easier, simpler to understand, faster to create and more consistent across government. We’ve recently completed a proof-of-concept for “Common Web Analytics Reporting” which looked at how we could automate basic reports.

Most agencies are using the free Google Analytics tool. While that has some limitations, we did experiments to show that it’s possible to get more actionable data about how well your site is performing. Once you've got this information, you can use it to help prioritise ongoing, evidence-based improvements.

At this lunchtime session, Nathan Wall will share:

  1. an update on what we learned in the proof-of-concept
  2. a sneak preview of our experiments
  3. a few questions to ponder.

So bring your questions, challenges and curiosity about web analytics along to this presentation.


Tuesday 28 July
11:30 am – 12:00 Tea, Coffee and Networking
12:00 – 1:00 pm Presentation


National Library
Lower Ground meeting rooms
70 Molesworth Street


  1. Comment #1. Larry:

    Would this be helpful to those who are using an analytics tool that isn’t Google analytics?

  2. Comment #2. Shelley Purvis:

    Do we need to book? Or is it a come-one-come-all?

  3. Comment #3. Susan Carchedi

    Hi Larry

    I understand that the various web analytics tools have similar functions so this should still be useful to you.


  4. Comment #4. Susan Carchedi

    Hi Shelley

    No need to book – just show up and join the conversation.


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