Guest author: Colin MacDonald

Photo of Colin MacDonaldColin MacDonald is Chief Executive of the Department of Internal Affairs and Government Chief Information Officer. Before that, Colin was Chief Executive of Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) where he led the cross-government programme for data and information re-use and established LINZ as the leader of the geospatial sector. Colin has more than 30 years experience in information technology and general management in both New Zealand and UK.

“A glimpse of the future”

Colin MacDonald is the Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO) and is tasked with delivering the Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan, which was approved last June by Cabinet. Part of this work includes improving the way government interacts with New Zealanders online by changing our approach to providing information about services. A ‘beta’ website was launched in August to test … Continue reading “A glimpse of the future”

Open Data Culture Change

In the time I’ve been involved in the government’s open data activities I’ve seen a genuine change in the attitude of agencies in making their data more open and available. Since Cabinet approved the Declaration on Open and Transparent Government in August 2011, we’ve seen a real increase in the amount of data agencies are releasing for re-use. All government agencies are starting to incorporate the Declaration into their core business, and they have all assigned senior managers as data champions to lead this work. However, this is a huge culture change.
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