Author: Jared Gulian

Photo of Jared GulianJared was a Digital Strategist with the Department of Internal Affairs Result 10, Digital Transformation team. Prior to that, he worked as Product Owner on He has over 15 years of experience in the digital domain, including cross-government strategy and implementation, agile product development and management, social media strategy, information architecture, usability, and content strategy. His government experience includes work in New Zealand for the Department of Internal Affairs, the Food Safety Authority, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, and Wellington City Council, as well as work in the United States for the Chicago Department of Public Health.

The size and shape of government web

As part of the Web Consolidation Strategic Assessment work, we’ve been looking at the government web domain and doing some analysis and categorisation. This work is part of our current state analysis, and it helps us understand the existing landscape better. Continue reading The size and shape of government web

Web consolidation strategic assessment

As we consider web consolidation, we’re focusing on customers’ needs and what information they require about services. Consolidation won’t necessarily mean having one giant website, but it will probably mean having fewer than the approximately 550 websites the New Zealand Government has at last count. Continue reading Web consolidation strategic assessment

What we copied from the UK, and what we didn’t

When we launched the website in August 2013, people noticed its striking similarity to a certain website from the United Kingdom, GOV.UK. That was no accident. The UK website is an open source project that seeks to radically redefine government online delivery and share those innovations with the world. We took them at their word. But what exactly did … Continue reading What we copied from the UK, and what we didn’t

Redevelopment of

The Digital Engagement Team at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is in the process of redeveloping the website. The presentation below talks about the problem we’re trying to solve, the iterative and agile approach we’re taking, the prototype we developed, and the user testing and research we’ve done so far. At the end we talk about how we’re … Continue reading Redevelopment of

One step closer to beta

Here in the redevelopment project team, we’re sharing information about the project early and often. We’re also getting feedback and making changes based on that feedback in a quick and agile way. This will help us to create a better product for our end users. Back in March we announced that we were kicking off work on developing our … Continue reading One step closer to beta—Beta Kick-off

Ready, steady, go! The Digital Engagement team at the Department of Internal Affairs now has approval to move into the next phase of redeveloping We have finished the alpha phase, and on Wednesday 6 March 2013 we kicked off the beta phase. It’s exciting stuff. Let me share with you the problem we’re trying to fix, the options we … Continue reading—Beta Kick-off

Why the Web Toolkit?

There’s a lot of change in the government space lately, and expectations about the quality and effectiveness of our online delivery are rising. We’ve all been challenged to deliver better services for less cost. In order to accomplish this, government agencies need to change. For starters, we need to share information more freely with each other and collaborate across the … Continue reading Why the Web Toolkit?