Author: Katie Johnston

Photo of Katie JohnstonKatie worked on the redevelopment of as a content editor. She's been writing content for websites for over a decade — ever since anyone would let her near one. She likes plain English, cats and tripartite sentences.

Testing comprehension of content on

Traditional facilitated user testing only really goes up to finding what you need — “how would you do X?”, “where would you find Y?”. We’re trying to work out how to get beyond that: do people understand X? Can they make decisions from Y? Our first experiment in this phase was with something called a cloze test. Continue reading Testing comprehension of content on

When you assume…

We recently completed our first round of user testing since publishing We learned a lot. Seeing actual users use your site is always enlightening…and occasionally frustrating. The urge to shake them and yell “it’s right there!” can be strong. Things that seemed so obvious when you did them turn out not to be obvious at all. Overall, the testing … Continue reading When you assume…

Writing for responsive design

Katie Johnston, content editor on the redevelopment of, shares her approach to writing for responsive websites. People are online everywhere these days — not just on their home and work computers, but on tablets, MP3 players, smartphones and not-so-smart phones. We can’t guarantee how someone will look at our content, so we’ve designed to work just as well … Continue reading Writing for responsive design