Author: Nadia Webster

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Nadia is the Principal Advisor in the Digital Engagement team in Government Information Services at the Department of Internal Affairs. She provides strategic and operational leadership to improve government’s online presence, particularly in the areas of open and transparent government, open data and citizen engagement. With an ecological sciences background she is passionate about system efficiency.

Let’s talk about emerging technology

The Service Innovation team at DIA recently ran a small workshop to explore emerging technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, and emerging trends around how government engages with the broader community for better public outcomes. There were presentations from GSA’s Justin Herman (US), mySociety’s Rebecca Rumbul (UK) and from New Zealand’s Te Papa, Assurity, Blockchain Labs, Assurity, MSD, and DIA’s Service Innovation Lab Plus. Continue reading Let’s talk about emerging technology

Government Web Community lunchtime session, 29 March 2016

How can we make it easier for you to do your job? Government ICT related information is inconsistently delivered. For example, we’ve got the standards and guidance on the Web Toolkit, guidance, resources and policies on, and standards and guidance in other places. We would like to improve how these are delivered to you and how you are supported. … Continue reading Government Web Community lunchtime session, 29 March 2016

First steps towards a Government Online Engagement Service

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is making progress on a new Government Online Engagement Service (GOES). If you have seen the presentation video or read the video transcript, you’ll have some background already about the project. This blog post is to give you a more detailed picture of the project, the stage we’re at now, and how you can … Continue reading First steps towards a Government Online Engagement Service

Government Online Engagement Service (GOES)

In New Zealand, central and local government conduct an estimated 1,500 to 3,000 stakeholder engagements annually and use methods that suit government, while expecting participation from people who are often time poor and sporadically available. Low participation rates are common. Use of effective online engagement methods have enormous potential to help improve the quality of government decisions and consequently outcomes, … Continue reading Government Online Engagement Service (GOES)

Online Engagement Service: What does your agency need?

There is currently no single comprehensive online consultation and engagement service available to the New Zealand Government. As a result, agencies are duplicating investment in online engagement and tool selection and have disproportionate access to online engagement expertise. Does your agency use or want to use online engagement tools for stakeholder engagement (e.g. consultation, feedback, gathering ideas and innovations)? You … Continue reading Online Engagement Service: What does your agency need?