Author: Richard Foy

Photo of Richard FoyRichard was the Executive Director of Result 10, one of 10 government result areas, which is responsible for achieving the target of 70% of New Zealanders’ most common transactions with government being completed in a digital environment by 2017. Richard comes from an IT background and spent 12 years in the private sector consulting for large organisations such as Accenture. He moved to the public sector around 2004 when he took on the role of Chief Enterprise Architect at MSD. Two years ago, Richard was seconded to the Service Transformation Programme which morphed into Result 10. When he’s not at work or spending time with his family, the self-confessed “uber geek” produces and co-hosts podcasts and dreams of travelling to every Apple store in the world!

The Identity Conference: many questions, some answers

In government it can be very easy to get narrow-minded based on what we want to achieve but it’s important to get broad and open dialogue going. The Identity Conference provides the ideal platform to bring together world-leading global and local thinkers. Continue reading The Identity Conference: many questions, some answers

Result 10 – What’s It All About?

Better Public Services Result 10 is all about improving the interaction of government with everyday people. I’m pretty excited by all this, not just because I’m leading Result 10 and its associated programme of change, but because I’m an everyday New Zealander (and we’re taking a broad, and I mean broad, view on what constitutes being a ‘New Zealander’. If you’re anywhere on the planet and eligible for a service from the NZ government, then we ought to be thinking of you). It’s definitely something worthwhile getting excited about. Continue reading Result 10 – What’s It All About?