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FYI: Report on how companies are reaching out to users

Take a look at this interesting report on using technology to build better relationships with users. It has a slight buy-our-product bias, but the insights are still very valuable. One of the lessons is a definition of what the report calls “digital Darwinism”, which is the evolution of consumer behaviour when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to … Continue reading FYI: Report on how companies are reaching out to users

Confessions of a social media-phobe

Chris Horwell from the New Zealand Historic Places Trust shares her experience crowdsourcing images for the Register Online, a listing of heritage places, to increase its value for the people who use it. Continue reading Confessions of a social media-phobe

First steps towards a Government Online Engagement Service

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is making progress on a new Government Online Engagement Service (GOES). If you have seen the presentation video or read the video transcript, you’ll have some background already about the project. This blog post is to give you a more detailed picture of the project, the stage we’re at now, and how you can … Continue reading First steps towards a Government Online Engagement Service

Government Online Engagement Service (GOES)

In New Zealand, central and local government conduct an estimated 1,500 to 3,000 stakeholder engagements annually and use methods that suit government, while expecting participation from people who are often time poor and sporadically available. Low participation rates are common. Use of effective online engagement methods have enormous potential to help improve the quality of government decisions and consequently outcomes, … Continue reading Government Online Engagement Service (GOES)

Multi-Channel Publishing

At Manatū Taonga – Ministry for Culture and Heritage we’re starting to look beyond our current websites to re-imagine how we produce content and information for New Zealanders. We see it as a two-pronged: large-scale content syndication through APIs and the like, and discrete, tailored packages of content that we can distribute across many channels. Continue reading Multi-Channel Publishing

Overseas Interest in the Web Toolkit

A great spinoff from getting this blog started is participating in a global conversation about the web.  We’ve definitely been watching what other governments are up to online, so it’s nice when this gets reciprocated. Australia’s Victorian eGovernment Resource Centre listed the Web Toolkit as a resource for Victorian public sector staff, and highlighted our guidance on how to handle … Continue reading Overseas Interest in the Web Toolkit