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Kate Forward (UX Coordinator - Dev tools, Service Innovation/Result 10, Department of Internal Affairs) is the co-author of this blog post. Kate recently joined DIA in a GovTech talent graduate programme. Her main areas of interest are within the user experience space.

What we're doing

The Lab+ team is newly formed with members from various government departments and also contractors. The team’s goal is to create an exciting prototype to show what good services look like. The team has been able to leverage off a large amount of previous research and analysis. This has given the team a solid foundation to build on.

Working in an agile environment, there is a natural exuberance within the team and a lot of goodwill and skills. Each team member brings a unique skill set to the table which provides everyone with a chance to learn and grow from each other. There is a genuine vibe of collaboration within the team and also with the other agencies and NGO’s involved.

The team is located in the Service Innovation Lab which provides a space for cooperation and provides ongoing support when needed. The Lab nurtures the desire to create, explore and experiment. Every Friday from 4-5 pm the Lab is open to the public to visit and to see what is going on in the space. Join us this Friday 26 May for the next Open Lab.

The core members of the team are Pia Waugh, Michelle Edgerley, Tegan Bertram, Susan Carchedi, Taher, Merridy Marshall, Kate Forward, Michelle Shannon-Smith, Bill Young, Lee Dowsett, Jean Johnston, James Fuller and Jasmin Mayfield. During the duration of Lab+ there will be many extended members who will contribute to the work as needed.

Here’s the team

Darryl Carpenter

Integrated Services Manager - Founder of the Lab, Department of  Internal Affairs (DIA)

The Service Innovation Lab was an idea hatched by Darryl and Ben Hayman from Assurity and is a way to collaborate with other agencies under one roof.

Pia Waugh


Integrated Initiatives Team Lead, DIA

Pia is referred to as the Lead Cat Herder in the Lab+ experiment at DIA, and Project Manager for Strategic Initiatives (mostly open data, hackathons and regulation as a platform) at AUSTRAC in Australia. Pia is leading the Lab+ team to pioneer the pathway to integrated services and government as a platform.

Michelle Edgerley

Principal Advisor Delivery and Support, Service Innovation/Result 10, DIA

Michelle is regarded as Pia’s right hand woman. Michelle supports Pia on the Lab+ project team by managing agency/NGO relationships and connections, and contributing domain knowledge about prior federated service delivery thought leadership and activities.

Merridy Marshall

Principal Consultant, Lab+ Design Co-Lead, Assurity

Merridy is passionate about Design Thinking, Agile and Lean principles, User Centered Design and developing in partnerships to solve real world problems. She brings to the team experience in Software Design, Development and Testing. Merridy key role on Lab+ is to lead the teams design partners and inspire innovation.

Jen Geard

Lab+ Design Co-Lead, PHARMAC

Jen Geard is a government web all-rounder who wants to make it easier to understand and interact with government services. She's managed government websites and services from concept to decommissioning, with a particular interest in making sure they can be maintained and improved well. Jen's working alongside Merridy to pick up Tegan's work in analysis and design.

Tegan Bertram

Business Analyst - Service Innovation/Result 10, DIA

Tegan is referred to as Pia’s left hand man.  He's passionate about business analysis and ensures the Lab + initiatives are aligned to addressing burning customer problems. Tegan’s primary objective is to keep his finger on the pulse of Lab+ while acting as an advisor to Darryl Carpenter and Pia Waugh.

Susan Carchedi


Principal Advisor in Government Information Services, DIA

Susan has a background in communications, project management, policy and relationship management. As part of the Lab+ team Susan is leading working on an all-of-government services register and finder. She also supports the team to effectively engage about the Lab+ work in online channels.

Bill Young

Identity Architect, DIA

Bill is a seasoned IT pro with a diverse background. Besides contributing his specialist experience in Identity and Access Management, Bill will be taking a system level view of the Lab+ work to help derive the greatest benefit across both the public and private sectors

Lee Dowsett

All-of-Government Enterprise Architect

Lee is the technical lead in this work which really means trying to balance achieving as much as we can while still making something technically sustainable that shows big concepts. He’s been through most of the roles that IT has to offer over the last 15 years in government, education and financial services.


User Researcher in Government Information Services, DIA

Taher has background in user experience and has worked in the banking, telecommunication and government sectors. In Lab+ He is focusing on the predictive experience and personalization.

Michelle Shannon-Smith

Coordinator - Diary keeper/Workshop caterer, Service Innovation/Result 10, DIA

Michelle is the Team Administrator for Service Innovation/R10 programme. In the Lab+ Michelle supports Pia by coordinating her calendar and setting up workshops etc. Michelle helps recruit attendees for the user workshops.

Kate Forward

UX Coordinator - Dev tools, Service Innovation/Result 10, DIA

Kate has recently joined DIA in a GovTech talent graduate programme. Her main areas of interest within the team are within the user experience space. She is also using her human resources background to help with recruitment for the user workshops.

Jean Johnston

Finance, Service Innovation/Result 10, DIA

Jean is the finance wiz and is deemed the most important as she holds the purse strings! Jean ensures the team are able to get resources as quick as possible and contracts are ready to go.

Jasmin Mayfield

User Experience Specialist, Traject

Jasmin is a key team member in the user experience area of the project. The two prepare and facilitate all the user workshops alongside Tegan. The pair are finishing off their research and will help to produce the prototype of what “good” looks like.

James Fuller

Senior Innovation Specialist, Creative HQ

James is a key team member in the user experience area of the project. The two prepare and facilitate all the user workshops alongside Tegan. The pair are finishing off their research and will help to produce the prototype of what “good” looks like.

The extended team

The team has many other members who have offered a great support and have been a great value to Lab+. The team is constantly evolving with new players being bought in for their expertise. The extended team consist of Rachel Prosser, Rowan Smith, Amy O’Neill, Cam Findlay, Jason Kiss, Leigh Vollans, Jennifer Nichol, Katherine Barcham, Mark Kirkpatrick, Nadia Webster, Jacob Briggs and Victoria Wray.


The team is wishing a key member goodbye at the end of this month. Tegan has been a valued member of the Lab+ team and more widely to DIA and Assurity. We will greatly miss Tegan and his hilarious sense of humour and laugh! Tegan is dedicated to his work and has ensured the user workshops have been a success.

"Tegan has been my left hand on the team (and Michelle Edgerley my right!) as well as the design lead on a very experimental venture. His leadership, creativity and expertise has been a wonderful contribution to the work. Merridy will be taking over the design lead work on our team and brings her own leadership, creativity and expertise to the team." – Pia Waugh

We wish you all the best on your next adventure Tegan!

Lab+ is housed in the Service Innovation Lab, which is an experiment carried out under the leadership of the ICT Partnership Framework’s Service Innovation Group. It's managed by the Service Innovation Team in Department of Internal Affairs in partnership with Assurity Consulting.

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