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Analytics training helps define user needs

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has just completed a round of training to help government digital teams use data to improve agency websites. Lana Gibson (Govt NZ Analytics Specialist) discusses what worked, what didn’t and how people will use the knowledge. Continue reading Analytics training helps define user needs

What we copied from the UK, and what we didn’t

When we launched the beta.govt.nz website in August 2013, people noticed its striking similarity to a certain website from the United Kingdom, GOV.UK. That was no accident. The UK website is an open source project that seeks to radically redefine government online delivery and share those innovations with the world. We took them at their word. But what exactly did … Continue reading What we copied from the UK, and what we didn’t

From the other side of the world

The Digital Engagement team was approached by the UK-based newsletter Civil Service World to write an article about innovation in the public sector. The editor said that New Zealand’s public service has inspired a large number of initiatives. We sent them a story about New Zealand’s beta.govt.nz website. The beta.govt.nz site was launched in late August to make sure everything … Continue reading From the other side of the world

Newzealand.govt.nz—Beta Kick-off

Ready, steady, go! The Digital Engagement team at the Department of Internal Affairs now has approval to move into the next phase of redeveloping newzealand.govt.nz. We have finished the alpha phase, and on Wednesday 6 March 2013 we kicked off the beta phase. It’s exciting stuff. Let me share with you the problem we’re trying to fix, the options we … Continue reading Newzealand.govt.nz—Beta Kick-off