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FYI: Brasil is unlocking the value of government information and data

Read about Brasil’s nifty DataViva tool that allows users to visualize more than 500 gigabytes of Brasilian government figures 1 billion different ways. Continue reading FYI: Brasil is unlocking the value of government information and data

Common Web Platform: making code sharing better

This post discusses the work the Internal Affairs is undertaking to improve code sharing on the Common Web Platform. This includes guidance prepared by the Community Manager at SilverStripe in response to issues raised at a better code sharing workshop late last year. Continue reading Common Web Platform: making code sharing better

What we copied from the UK, and what we didn’t

When we launched the beta.govt.nz website in August 2013, people noticed its striking similarity to a certain website from the United Kingdom, GOV.UK. That was no accident. The UK website is an open source project that seeks to radically redefine government online delivery and share those innovations with the world. We took them at their word. But what exactly did … Continue reading What we copied from the UK, and what we didn’t

Redevelopment of newzealand.govt.nz

The Digital Engagement Team at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is in the process of redeveloping the newzealand.govt.nz website. The presentation below talks about the problem we’re trying to solve, the iterative and agile approach we’re taking, the prototype we developed, and the user testing and research we’ve done so far. At the end we talk about how we’re … Continue reading Redevelopment of newzealand.govt.nz

Newzealand.govt.nz—Beta Kick-off

Ready, steady, go! The Digital Engagement team at the Department of Internal Affairs now has approval to move into the next phase of redeveloping newzealand.govt.nz. We have finished the alpha phase, and on Wednesday 6 March 2013 we kicked off the beta phase. It’s exciting stuff. Let me share with you the problem we’re trying to fix, the options we … Continue reading Newzealand.govt.nz—Beta Kick-off

Multi-Channel Publishing

At Manatū Taonga – Ministry for Culture and Heritage we’re starting to look beyond our current websites to re-imagine how we produce content and information for New Zealanders. We see it as a two-pronged: large-scale content syndication through APIs and the like, and discrete, tailored packages of content that we can distribute across many channels. Continue reading Multi-Channel Publishing

Open Data Culture Change

In the time I’ve been involved in the government’s open data activities I’ve seen a genuine change in the attitude of agencies in making their data more open and available. Since Cabinet approved the Declaration on Open and Transparent Government in August 2011, we’ve seen a real increase in the amount of data agencies are releasing for re-use. All government agencies are starting to incorporate the Declaration into their core business, and they have all assigned senior managers as data champions to lead this work. However, this is a huge culture change.
Continue reading Open Data Culture Change