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Govt.nz: Making marriage easier

The Govt.nz team has recently worked on making it easier to find information about getting married. Our new content has been live for just over a month now so we’ve looked at how well it’s been performing. Continue reading Govt.nz: Making marriage easier

Do you need an app for that?

Thinking about building an app for your agency? This blog post gives you some ideas on how to decide what your users need, what questions to answer and how other countries are tackling this issue. Continue reading Do you need an app for that?

A/B/C/D/Evolving the Govt.nz homepage design

When Govt.nz launched in July this year we’d already completed several rounds of user research. The design of the site and the layout of the homepage had changed a lot since we launched the first beta version the previous year. After several months, we started to see some interesting patterns in our website analytics. From this data it looks like there’s a group of users we’re not helping. We decided to run some A/B tests. Continue reading A/B/C/D/Evolving the Govt.nz homepage design

March meeting of the Govt.nz peer advisory group

At the second meeting of the Govt.nz peer advisory group, held on 25 March, agency reps and Govt.nz team members discussed a number of issues, including responsive design and the use of mobile. Continue reading March meeting of the Govt.nz peer advisory group

Writing for responsive design

Katie Johnston, content editor on the redevelopment of newzealand.govt.nz, shares her approach to writing for responsive websites. People are online everywhere these days — not just on their home and work computers, but on tablets, MP3 players, smartphones and not-so-smart phones. We can’t guarantee how someone will look at our content, so we’ve designed beta.govt.nz to work just as well … Continue reading Writing for responsive design

Newzealand.govt.nz—Beta Kick-off

Ready, steady, go! The Digital Engagement team at the Department of Internal Affairs now has approval to move into the next phase of redeveloping newzealand.govt.nz. We have finished the alpha phase, and on Wednesday 6 March 2013 we kicked off the beta phase. It’s exciting stuff. Let me share with you the problem we’re trying to fix, the options we … Continue reading Newzealand.govt.nz—Beta Kick-off

Responsive Web Design: A Case Study

Have you looked at your site recently using a mobile phone, tablet or netbook? Is it all a bit ugly, hard to read, or just completely broken? If your site has been around for any length of time it was probably designed for a screen size of 1024×768 pixels, or even something a bit bigger. Maybe it looks “OK” on … Continue reading Responsive Web Design: A Case Study