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Consolidating customer-centric government information

Introducing ‘Consolidating Customer-Centric Government Information’ (C3GI): the Govt.nz team and partner agencies will collaborate to develop customer-centric content for older people and the ‘Birth of a Child’ life event, and use analytics and other data sources to identify and recommend further improvements to user journeys across agency sites. Continue reading Consolidating customer-centric government information

Result 10: Digital by default — making the Blueprint accessible

Digital by default: it’s part of the Blueprint’s vision for how we deliver services to customers. It’s also become a bit of a mantra for how we do things — or really, how we want to do things — in the Digital Transformation team. So how are we going with that? When first we published the Blueprint (PDF, 5.8MB) in May … Continue reading Result 10: Digital by default — making the Blueprint accessible

Result 10: Creating customer segments

In 2012, Result 10 created a set of eight personas that you can see in the back of the Blueprint. These were created after a series of in-depth interviews with users of government services are represent the types of customers we have in government.

The problem we faced when socialising these personas was that people often confused them with segments, deducting that eight personas meant each persona represented 12.5% of the population, which was not the case.

The segments instead give public servants and designers a better idea of who will be using their services and who to design for. Continue reading Result 10: Creating customer segments

Mapping the user journey

User journey mapping is a great technique for understanding the customer experience of events. We organised workshops with people undertaking one of the four life events through intermediaries, such as universities, parenting support services, and community groups. We introduced ourselves, explained to participants we would like them to map their experience, handed over butchers’ paper, pens and a few stickers and left them to it. Continue reading Mapping the user journey

Our customer research

In 2013 we kicked off a research project with two main streams that ran parallel to each other. The first was a qualitative study to better understand four life events: beginning tertiary study, becoming a parent, retiring or immigrating to New Zealand. The second was a quantitative study of 1,500 New Zealand residents asking questions such as how many services respondents used per year, their experience of pain points and behavioural and attitudinal questions for a segmentation. Continue reading Our customer research

The size and shape of government web

As part of the Web Consolidation Strategic Assessment work, we’ve been looking at the government web domain and doing some analysis and categorisation. This work is part of our current state analysis, and it helps us understand the existing landscape better. Continue reading The size and shape of government web

Web consolidation strategic assessment

As we consider web consolidation, we’re focusing on customers’ needs and what information they require about services. Consolidation won’t necessarily mean having one giant website, but it will probably mean having fewer than the approximately 550 websites the New Zealand Government has at last count. Continue reading Web consolidation strategic assessment