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Analytics in government — where we’re at

In GIS we sent out a survey to see where agencies are with their web analytics capability. We wanted to find out what agencies need to improve their services with user data, and what support could look like. We asked about: analytics capability and how it’s used to improve government websites blockers to using analytics, and solution and support ideas demand for … Continue reading Analytics in government — where we’re at

Consolidating customer-centric government information

Introducing ‘Consolidating Customer-Centric Government Information’ (C3GI): the Govt.nz team and partner agencies will collaborate to develop customer-centric content for older people and the ‘Birth of a Child’ life event, and use analytics and other data sources to identify and recommend further improvements to user journeys across agency sites. Continue reading Consolidating customer-centric government information

The size and shape of government web

As part of the Web Consolidation Strategic Assessment work, we’ve been looking at the government web domain and doing some analysis and categorisation. This work is part of our current state analysis, and it helps us understand the existing landscape better. Continue reading The size and shape of government web

Upcoming combined workshop on Web Consolidation and Domain Integrity

For more chances to learn, join DIA for a combined workshop on:
• Result 10’s Web Consolidation Strategic Assessment – an overview and next steps
• Domain Integrity – how to get started on managing security and protecting users’ privacy on the web, and meeting the principles of information and data management Continue reading Upcoming combined workshop on Web Consolidation and Domain Integrity

Web consolidation strategic assessment

As we consider web consolidation, we’re focusing on customers’ needs and what information they require about services. Consolidation won’t necessarily mean having one giant website, but it will probably mean having fewer than the approximately 550 websites the New Zealand Government has at last count. Continue reading Web consolidation strategic assessment