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People interested in the Service Innovation Lab are invited to an Open Lab meet up every Friday between now and 30 June from 4-5 pm at the Todd Building, 95 Customhouse Quay. RSVP via Eventbrite. If you can’t make it on Fridays, contact Rachel Prosser (Service Innovation Lab Delivery Lead) at 021 0275 9023 to arrange a visit, or find more information about bringing a team to the lab.

About the Lab

The Service Innovation Lab is an experiment, carried out under the leadership of the ICT Partnership Framework’s Service Innovation Group.  It's managed by the Service Innovation Team in Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) in partnership with Assurity Consulting. It's part of the cross-agency work being done to achieve Better Public Services Result 10 and to deliver the Service Innovation Work Programme outcome that "People have easy access to public services, which are designed around them, when they need them".

Achieving the government’s goals for Better Public Services, requires agencies to find and create opportunities for new ways of working together. The Service Innovation Lab is an experiment to do just that.

Experiment and collaborate

Earlier this year the Result 10 team took advantage of an opportunity to experiment with a place where teams of people from different agencies, NGOs, private sector and New Zealanders can be co-located in a physical space conducive to collaboration and experimentation, supported by skilled lean and agile coaches who can help teams rapidly evolve their working methods.The lab is hosted by Assurity Consulting Ltd, and is used for cross-agency teams working on the Service Innovation Work Programme, for periods between 1 week and 4.5 months.

It’s also available for workshops for cross-agency teams who are working to make it easier for people in agencies to deliver services around customer needs.

This experiment is different from traditional ways of working, which usually have long planning and budgeting lead times, in that it was set up very fast, as a prototype, with a defined end date of 30 June. It’s also different because we’re piloting what we’re calling a “co-opetition” model, where the lab is hosted and managed by Assurity Consulting Ltd, but teams can continue to work with whatever combination of providers and agencies that suit their projects.

We’re learning as much as we can in that time about what works well and what the challenges are, including working out if this is something we want to continue doing.


Our principles are:

  • Uniting to meet user needs
  • Doing the hard things to make it easy
  • Learning and improving rapidly
  • Proving value or stopping
  • Focussing on what makes the greatest impact
  • Building for reuse and openness
  • Accepting help and challenge
  • Openly showing and talking about our work

In line with our aim of openly and widely talking about our work, teams in the lab will be blogging here on the Web Toolkit (beginning with Pia Waugh's 21 April blog post, Building the future of government service delivery: week 1 at Lab+. )

We're also having informal weekly meet ups where teams working in the lab can show and talk about their work. If you’re interested and want to come to a meet up,  let us know via this link, or if you’d like to arrange a visit to see the lab in operation, or to talk about using the lab contact Rachel Prosser at or 021 0275 9023.

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