Highlights from the 2016 International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference

Jason Kiss Senior Advisor - Digital Engagement
Dept. of Internal Affairs
Twitter: @jkiss


a11y drawn using the devil horns hand gesture for the 11. Image by Heydon Pickering.

CSUN 2016

CSUN Conference banner
Registration area for CSUN 2016 with lots of people milling about, guide dogs, mobility scooter. Photo by Makoto Ueki.
Three people standing with two guide dogs at their sides. Photo by Sarah Pulis.
Guide dog resting on floor and looking up to camera from next to owner's leg. Photo by Makoto Ueki.
Gonz Blinko and his dog. Photo by Jonathan Metz.
A dog's two front paws on a carpet. Photo by Cory Klatik.
Bottom half of a guide dog wearing escalator booties on its four paws. Photo by Mallory Van Achterberg.

Mobile A11y Testing & Development

Equidox™ from Onix

Equidox logo
Equidox screenshot showing how users can upload docs from their computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
Equidox screenshot showing how, after a document is imported, Equidox auto detects the reading order, and users can use the Sensitivity bar to adjust auto detection.

Creating Accessible Social Media Content

Government of Minnesota MN.IT Services

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder shows up at CSUN2016 Google party.


Video by Adrian Roselli featuring Léonie Watson and an ASL interpreter singing karaoke at CSUN 2016.

How to Implement Accessible Purchasing

Lucy Greco and her dog, Frances. Photo copyright by Elsevier.com.

W3C Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility (COGA) Task Force

Case Study: New Zealand Government Web Accessibility Self-Assessments

Jason Kiss presenting "New Zealand Governemtn Web Accessibility Self-Assessments" at CSUN 2016. Photo by Makoto Ueki.
Tweet by @FunkaNu: "@jkiss shows self-assessment works to point out where #a11y needs to be done, even if it is far from perfect #csun2016" https://twitter.com/FunkaNu/status/712790235994718208

The Digital Accessibility Maturity Model: Enabling Accessibility Operations

Web Accessibility Evaluation of China Government Websites in 2014

Building and Promoting the French Official Web Accessibility Guidelines

Accessible SVG Charts Using ARIA

Screenshot of pie chart from http://www.highcharts.com/a11y.html
Screenshot of line chart from http://www.highcharts.com/a11y.html
screenshot of complex chart from http://www.highcharts.com/a11y.html

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