Gather requirements

Demonstrating the principles of engagement:

Here is a process that should help you gather requirements:

  1. Decide what you need:
    1. Define the purpose and objectives for your engagement. The EngageTech spectrum should help.
    2. You may need to use different tools for different phases of your process. See the section on designing your online engagement approach
    3. Consider how you will engage online, but also how you will collate data for analysis and reporting. See the section on engaging your stakeholders online
    4. Is this a long-term or a short-term investment? Do you need to manage relationships and issues beyond the consultation or initial engagement?
    5. If you are planning to establish a new web presence do you need to apply for a new Domain Name, e.g. It is best to do this at the earliest possible time before deciding on a particular brand for your engagement.
  2. Find out what your stakeholders need:
    1. Talk to a small sample of your stakeholders. How do they want to engage with you? What approaches would encourage them to participate? What are their barriers to participation?
    2. Are they more likely to use mobile devices when engaging with your project? See these blog posts on writing for responsive design and responsive web design: a case study.
  3. Find out what you have already:
    1. Have you checked with the Department of Internal Affairs to see whether there is a whole of Government tool available to meet your needs like the online engagement pilots that have been run on
    2. Does your organisation already have tools to engage online? What online engagement methods can it provide?
    3. Do you have a method of collecting submissions online?
    4. How does your organisation track and manage issues and relationships? Is there a system for that?
    5. If you don’t have these things, maybe you need them. Would anyone else in your organisation be willing to champion their procurement?
  4. Determine a budget:
    1. How much budget do you have for your project? See the section on determining your project budget
    2. What options are there to reuse what other agencies have already invested in? Ask a question in the NZ Online Engagement Community or contact Department of Internal Affairs
  5. Think about the user experience – yours and your stakeholders:
    1. This comes back to your strategy: How will you get them engaged? How will you keep them engaged?
    2. How will you integrate online and offline engagement?
    3. Is this a two- or three-way engagement? How will you publish and moderate input?
    4. Do you need to collect specific data?
    5. Do you want to use this tool to manage communications and events?
    6. What is your issues and risk management procedure?
    7. How will you analyse and report feedback publicly and internally?
  6. Consider which standards, policies, mandates and legislation you need to comply with:
    1. Your agency’s social media, engagement, communication, procurement, information management, security and IT policies.
    2. The Government Web Accessibility and Usability Standards must be implemented by all Public Service departments and Non-Public Service departments in the State Services as directed by a 2003 Cabinet mandate.
    3. The Requirements for Cloud Computing if you are using a cloud based software-as-a-service.
    4. Cabinet mandated Common ICT Capabilities like Infrastructure-as-a-Service and the RealMe Login Service.
    5. Public Records Act 1993, Privacy Act 2005, Official Information Act 1982.

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