Service design

About this guidance

This is the first iteration of the Service design guidance. More content will be added and updated over time.  This service design guidance is a collection of service design information, methods and an approach for designing customer-centred public services. It is a how-to for identifying service problems and opportunities and working out the best service solution for customers and agencies.

This guidance is a resource for government agencies as they work together and with communities, to come up with innovative ways to deliver better public services that put people at the centre of services.  It complements existing service design approaches, tools and methods used by government agencies.

When to use this guidance

Service feasibility work

This guidance is useful for any project pre-initiation, discovery or feasibility work. For example, putting forward a business case for a new (or changes to an existing) service, determining feasibility of a service idea or initiating a service build or implementation-focused project.

For service feasibility, discovery and pre-initiation type work, it is recommended you work through all four phases of the service design approach in this guide.

Service implementation work

This guidance is also useful for any service build or implementation work.

For service build and implementation work, use the later phases of the service design approach (create and develop) in combination with the business and IT build project work.

Already using a service design approach

Use this guidance to find different service design methods, see how other agencies practice service design or to refine the approach you take to designing customer-centred services.

New to service design

Use this guidance to learn about designing customer-centred services and how you can put this into practice.

How to navigate this guidance

Service design approach

This section is about how to design customer-centred services using a service design approach.  The approach is broken down into four phases of work.

Service design tools

This section is a collection of tools and methods to help you design customer-centred services.

Service design examples

This section links to Web Toolkit blog posts about government agencies using different service design tools and methods.