Social media: Hands-on toolbox

"Social media in government: Hands-on toolbox" has been written to help practitioners who are setting up social media profiles and using the tools on a daily basis. It has been written for public servants with limited experience using social media, but also offers tools and tips that will be useful for those practitioners who have been using social media for some time.

The "Hands-on toolbox":

  • gives an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the five core social media tools: social networks, media-sharing networks, blogs, wikis and forums;
  • provides tips and templates for reporting, participation and moderation policies, accessibility issues and legal considerations;
  • provides useful examples of how social media is being used effectively by government agencies;
  • does not offer advice on specific social media applications (for example, it does not specify the specific steps necessary to set up a Facebook page or a forum on Bang the Table);
  • is not meant to be read from start to finish, but rather used as a reference when facing specific issues or using specific tools.

Download the "Hands-on toolbox":

To request an accessible or alternative version of the Hands-on toolbox, please contact us.